• In just 90 seconds Iowa inventor Jeremy Gettler explains how the wind "Nut Puller" easily saves the day for windmill maintenance crews.  

    Introducing the Nut Puller, an innovative breakthrough from i80 Enterprises, engineered specifically to revolutionize windmill blade maintenance. This pioneering tool isn't merely a convenience; it's a smart investment that recoups its own value astonishingly fast.


    Are you wrestling with a stubborn slug lodged in silicone on a windmill blade?


    Forget the perilous and time-consuming chore of hammering it away. The Nut Puller offers a rapid, safe, and effective alternative that will completely transform your maintenance routine.

    This cutting-edge tool is specifically designed to address the common issues encountered during windmill energy blade repairs, such as broken bolts and the difficulty of removing nuts.


    It employs a low friction pulling technique coupled with a thrust bearing to eliminate these issues effectively.


    Originally built for the Siemens' maintenance crew, the Nut Puller proved its worth by resolving a critical situation on a tower.

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    The Nut Puller is a game-changer for windmill maintenance teams. It prevents expensive downtime and can save tens of thousands of dollars in a single day.


    Whether you're working on a lone wind turbine or an expansive wind farm, the Nut Puller is an indispensable addition to your toolkit. It ensures swift and reliable repairs, eliminating the vexing issue of stuck and stripped bolts.


    Don't forget, time is money. The quicker you can return your windmills to full operation, the stronger your competitive standing. The Nut Puller is your key to the optimal availability of your wind turbines - because a smoothly running turbine is a money-making turbine.

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    Jeremy and his i80 Enterprises metal shop owner partners also invented the EZ Gripper Tipper.


    It is an amazing solution for the 55-gallon drum industry that provides a 4-use ROI for the spray foam industry. https://ezgrippertipper.com/